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Lynne Houston



Hey there! I’m Lynne, and I’m so glad you’re here. Yes, I’m married to a Mortician and love every moment of it. Even the spur of the moment phone call to ‘Host a Funeral Party” and the “Can I borrow your makeup” thing, to “Pimping me out” to funerals, aka: “Arms to hold a Mom who has just lost their child.” In return, I get to share our weird little world with you! On this blog, I hope you find encouragement, helpful ways to save your sanity when planning a funeral, the guidance to get you through it, and a smile you won’t feel guilty about.

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We’re Going Live Spring 2020!

THESE DAYS YOU CAN GET PRETTY CREATIVE PLANNING A FUNERAL.  But that wasn’t always the case. Years ago people were deathly afraid of stepping into the unknown.  Now we’re more curious than serious.  So are you ready to take a peek?  Are you ready to spruce up your Podcast library?  We’ve received an incredible amount of messages from our friends at Life with a Mortician’s Wife for more “Can I plan a Memorial at my House?” And, “Is it appropriate to have a party – after a Funeral?”   Along with many other curiosities.

so here you go…

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