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Lynne Houston



Hey there! I’m Lynne, and I’m so glad you’re here. Yes, I’m married to a Mortician and love every moment of it. Even the spur of the moment phone call to ‘Host a Funeral Party” and the “Can I borrow your makeup” thing, to “Pimping me out” to funerals, aka: “Arms to hold a Mom who has just lost their child.” In return, I get to share our weird little world with you! On this blog, I hope you find encouragement, helpful ways to save your sanity when planning a funeral, the guidance to get you through it, and a smile you won’t feel guilty about.

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THESE DAYS IT’S PRETTY HIP TO BE A MORTICIAN.  But that wasn’t always that way. Years ago people were deathly afraid of even being in the same room with a Mortician much less becoming one.  Now we’re more curious than serious.  So are you ready to Become An Exclusive Member of Unusual Hipsters?  We’ve received an incredible amount of messages from our friends at Life with a Mortician’s Wife for more of – the “Mortician’s View”  and “What’s up with the Funeral Business” to “How do I become a Mortician?” Along with many other curiosities.

so here you go…

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