Dig Deep In You…Replant YOU!

Think of each day as a powerful seed that you’re about to plant in the new soil of your subconscious.

Anything is possible for you. You just have to believe it. If you can imagine it, then you can create it. You are powerful! Whether it’s going through a Divorce, Loss of a loved one through death or the loss of yourself through depression – each is disorienting in its own way and has to be grieved at YOUR OWN PACE.

Dig it Up. Shake it off. Replant it back in Your Heart.

Each day is like a powerful seed that you can plant in brand new soil. Journaling helps water those seeds.  You CAN get back to living your life while still processing your loss.  Writing your thoughts and feelings on paper or in a computer, will help you process your loss in a way that allows you to move forward and enjoy life again – without feeling guilty about it.  Grief is a part of the transition, so we might as well acknowledge it.

That’s why I created this unique “Dig Deep In You”
Journaling Journey.

Journaling is an amazing coping tool for processing grief, thoughts and emotions. Finding the time and motivation to sit down and write can be difficult (especially when you’re grieving). In this ‘Dig Deep In You Journaling Journey Guide you’ll be provided with 30 days of journaling prompts with a series of Podcasts, Videos and Slides Shows. You would think prompts are simple by nature, but they’re not. Those included in this special course have been designed around unique experiences and themes common to the way we grieve.


Here's a peek at the amazingness that I've included in this powerful journey:

Managing difficult emotions while writing/journaling
Continuing bonds
Guilt and regret
Forgiveness; Loneliness and isolation
How to love again
Happiness without Guilt

How long is this course: You will be provided with 30 days of journal prompts with podcasts and a downloadable guide. Remember, this course is self-guided and we encourage you to "choose your special time and place" - what makes you most comfortable.

Who should take this course? Anyone interested in using journaling as a tool for coping with grief.

What do I need? You'll need regular access to a computer with internet or a cellphone. You'll also want your very own special journal and pencil.


This Program is designed to be self-guided, meaning that it is 100% independent and self-paced.  Although the intent is for you to complete one journaling prompt a day, it is up to you to login and to access the prompt for the day. You’ll also have access to Podcasts with my voice on varies topics to help encourage you to continue. Or, you can mute and read as you go.  Video’s will be available to motivate you and offer tips to keep you focused.  The benefit of setting your own pace is that you are able to take your time, take breaks if you need to, and miss a day here and there. We want you to feel as though they are set up for success, so in Prompt #1 we discuss strategies for staying on track with a regular journaling journey.

This Journey is made up of:

  • Prompts: There are 15 journaling prompts included in this course in all. These prompts touch on a variety of topics related to your grief; your loved one; your relationship with your loved one and your relationship – with yourself! 
  • Podcasts: You’ll also be provided with 15 guided podcasts along with motivational Videos and a Downloadable Guide.   This is one of the main ways that this Program differs from other guided journals and online journaling courses. These Podcasts are designed to provide education, motivation and encouragement on many different aspects of grief and coping.

What if I need someone to remind me to journal or to hold me accountable?

Some people may prefer a Program that provides them with daily reminder emails or which requires them to hold themselves accountable by checking-in with other people each day. We have you covered either way. For those who need accountability and live interaction – you’ll have access to our special PRIVATE  “Diggin Deep with Journaling” Facebook Group. With People just like you sharing there journey to replanting their lives. You are there to get support AND offer support; and discuss your moments with one another.  Also every week we’ll have a guest host such as my Husband, Life Coaches and Other Journaling folks visiting the Diggin Deep Facebook Group. We’ll let you know each week who will be visiting, so have your questions ready!  An email address will be provided for any private questions you may have. 

What if I’m not a writer?

That’s okay! The only requirement for this Program is that you have a desire to explore journaling and the written word as a coping tool for processing, understanding, and expressing your grief.


How Journaling Changed My Life

When I say journaling has completely changed my life, I'm not kidding. I truly don't know where I'd be without it. When I lost my son to cancer and then a few years later, I lost my sister to a car accident. The only escape beside work, was writing. Almost everything I've encountered in life, I've written down in my journal. Including, how I met my husband and the unusual life we share together. Whether it was happy, sad, crazy, funny; you name it, I wrote it down! Journaling is my secret space for my feelings of a life I love, and I want to show you how you can experience this too, that's why I designed this Replanting You Journaling Course. I've compiled tons of positive exercises that will take you on your journey to a life you can live and want to live.

My hope is that this Journaling Course will help you Cultivate, Fertilize and Replant a Life that will grow into a brand new you. And that this becomes a catalyst for making your dreams a reality. You are a treasure with so many gifts to share, and I want you to know this in your bones and feel that way, everyday.

Your journaling journey will heal the wounds that are blocking you from flourishing, releasing fear, digging up the pain within you and replanting the new you. You will learn how to grow a life worth living for.