Seasons of Grief

Managing Your Emotions And Your Time

Celebrating might seem impossible when you’re in grief, and yet these “special” days come whether we want them to or not, and must be endured.  There’s an empty chair at the table; an empty stocking on the hearth, silence where once laughter rang. Remembering those who are gone cannot be ignored when revisiting traditions that may even have been shaped by them, for them, around them.

After someone important to us dies, holidays and Seasons are never the same again. Traditions, events, parties, songs, and decorations – all the things you once enjoyed have now become triggers for sadness and emotion. The reality is, there will be moments that are deeply and profoundly painful on these special days. However, you may be able to soften grief’s overall impact by anticipating challenges and triggers, proactively identifying ways to cope, and by planning ahead.

What is covered in this Special Guided Course will include: Guidance on managing grief and planning for Holidays and Seasons; Suggestions on how to thoughtfully approach tradition; Thoughts on handling family and social demands; Tips for coping with grief on holidays and seasons; practical ideas for honoring and remembering the ones we love. 

How long is this Guided Course: This course is self-paced. You still want to put yourself on a time frame.  Focus and Accountability to yourself is the key to accomplish managing our emotions.  You’ll receive downloadable sessions of podcasts and go a your own pace modules along with selected videos. 

Who should take this course?

This course is appropriate for individuals grieving any type of loss.  You may want to invite a friend or another family member to join you. 

What will I need:

Participants will need to have access to a computer with Internet connection or a cell phone.

What if I have questions or need to talk:

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive an email with a link  to join our Private Facebook Group:  “Holidays & Grief”.  You’ll be surrounded with love, interacting with people who are also taking this course.  Also, along with myself and my Husband, you’ll have Weekly Guests visiting the page to offer support and guidance. 


Grieving on Holidays Seasons
Grief at the Holiday Workplace
Holiday Related Triggers of Grief
Loneliness And Social Anxiety 
Coping with Togetherness
Thinking About Holiday Tradition
Identifying What You Need 
Planning For Holidays
Adding New Plans & Activities during the Seasons
Activities for Including Family & Friends
Special Gift Giving to our Loved Ones
BEGINS December 1st  2018